General settings

Enable Notifications
When enabled, this option will display notifications in your store front. Disabling this option will prevent the notifications from being displayed.

Display on mobile devices
When enabled, notifications will be displayed on mobile devices. Disable this option if you do not want notifications to be displayed on mobile devices.

Loop notifications
When enabled and all recent order notifications have been displayed, the notifications will repeat again from the beginning. Each time a new page is loaded, the notifications will resume following the last notification except when a new order or review has been published as these are always prioritized.

When enabled, the index of the notification will last for the duration of the browser session.

When disabled, the user will only ever see the same notification once, regardless of the browser session.

Random order
When enabled, the notifications will be displayed in a random order rather than in a chronological order.

Pause on hover
When enabled, the notifications will remain on screen when they are hovered over.

Add close button
When enabled, a button to close the notifications will be displayed. When the close button is clicked, the notifications will remain closed until the end of the browser session.

Use Google Analytics parameters
When enabled, UTM parameters will be recorded when a notification is clicked on.

Order volume preset
The order volume preset makes it simple to adjust the settings based on the weekly average order volume of your store. When Recently is installed for the first time, it will automatically detect the average order volume and apply the recommended settings.